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Importance of Employee Motivation

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Motivation allows management to attain its goals. Without motivation, It’s too difficult to attain organizational goals without motivation workplace could be placed in a very risky position.

The motivated employee can lead the higher productivity and allow the organization to achieve a higher level of output. Imagine having employees without motivation for work, they will probably use their time at their desk surfing on the internet for personal pleasure, Gossiping with others, even applying for other jobs as well. This Is a waste of your time and your resources.

Benefits of Motivated Employees

Employee motivation is highly important for each organization since it brings many benefits which include.

Improve Employee Efficiency

Improve Employee Commitment

Ongoing employee Development

Improve Employee Satisfaction

Higher Productivity level

Lower absenteeism

Better problem-solving

Creativity and Innovation

Pro-Active workforce

Goal Oriented workforce

a Better understanding of the End Goal

Lower turnover

Better as a Team Player

Influence to another worker

Great reputation leads to strong recruitment


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